Dialect Zone International Survey

Dear Dialect Zone Student / Parent:

In order for Dialect Zone International's Education to effectively determine the needs of our program(s) and lesson(s), we are conducting a survey of all students and parents of our students. Your response to this survey is crucial in providing the necessary information to formulate useful classes and activities in the near future.

The purpose of this survey is to determine to what extent the education program has benefited you. We would like to determine the percentage of students who are currently studying directly or indirectly in our English Courses. In addition, your assessment of the experiences in our education program will provide us beneficial information.

Below, you will see the survey form, that can be filled out online in English or Chinese and will sent to us electronically. Please feel free to include any additional comments you deem necessary or relevant to improving the program. Your response and time is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Dialect Zone International Team

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